5 Most Stunning Destinations to Tour in Africa


buffaloAfrica is dubbed as the Mother Continent due to it being the oldest inhabited continent on earth. With its vast landscapes and formidable animal life, Africa is arguably the best for photographers and tourists. It is the second biggest continent full of beautiful places to visit and expansive landscapes. There are ancient cities, beautiful beaches, wildlife centers and unique surfing spots. The northern part of the continent is defined by amazing landmarks brimming with history and unforgettable architecture. Continue reading “5 Most Stunning Destinations to Tour in Africa”

Essential Toolkit You Need to Survive your Next Wilderness

As we continue to be a more urbanized society, there is a growing need for space and energy. We are often turning to wilderness as a rich, adventurous resource. At the wilderness, you can find some of the most diverse fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure opportunities that the world has at its disposal.surviving wilderness

You may experience the best hiking, snowboarding, downhill skiing, and miles of beautiful trails. It is a place you can find the trophy species of bighorn sheep, moose, hunted deer, antelopes, birds and the rare mountain goats. You can find adventure in the high mountain streams or lowland desert reservoirs with cutthroat trout, bass for the masters and much more. Continue reading “Essential Toolkit You Need to Survive your Next Wilderness”

Top 4 Places to Visit in Europe this Spring in Europe

Vatican cityEurope’s most coveted destination for spring getaways spans the continent from the charming countryside of Ireland to the gorgeous coastline of Croatia. Each country is spectacular in what it offers to visitors. Your plan for the next European spring holiday will probably feature in excellent museums, restaurants, shopping centers, nightlight, recreation and spectacular architecture.

Finding the best place to visit in Europe is always a hard task. It doesn’t come ease to make a decision between surreal Alpine scenery, buzzing metropolis or island escapes. With all the diverse culture, history and landscape, how do you pick the ideal destination to spend your spring holiday?

After careful evaluation of these factors – opinions from travel enthusiasts and expert reviews, let us look at where next your spring holiday should be based.

  1. Rome

On our list, Rome occupies the best place to visit in Europe this spring. It is a must-visit destination on your European tour. It is the capital city of Italy with a rich history dating back to the eras of Octavian, Hadrian, and Julius Caesar. Art enthusiasts will have much to enjoy, from the trove of art housed in Vatican museums and other art galleries. The combination of fresh Italian foods or historic sites, there is something always magical about Rome. Visitors get the chance to tour the Vatican City, the ghost of Colosseum and various cafés.


  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

AmsterdamCanals, tulips, bicycles name them – Amsterdam is a city built for the spring. You can choose to take a walk, a bike ride, or a boat tour around the canals that cut through the city.  Visitors get the opportunity to enjoy various winter games and activities. You can as well catch a mug of coffee or enjoy delicacies in various cafes. The recently renovated Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum increase touring options for visitors.


  1. Paris

Paris, the capital city of France, is a fabled land of unmatched food and sublime wine. It is a city filled with iconic museums such as Louvre, amazing monuments – such as Eiffel Tower and the  Arc de Triomphe. The city has an unforgettable ambiance that draws millions of visitors every year. There is the gentle River Seine, stately museums, neoclassic-design architecture and charming atmosphere.


  1. London

London is the kind of destination for visitors to return over and over. From the medieval cathedrals, prehistoric sites, to the postmodern towers, England is a spectacular tribute in Europe. London is a current leader in everything from politics, fashion, banking, music among others – and presents an ideal destination for visitors to learn from.

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Top 5 Best Places to Go Vacationing in Asia

Siam ParagonAsia is a spectacular continent that offers something for everyone. From the famed shopping districts of Beijing to magnificent beaches in Thailand or the temples of Hanoi, visitors are practically guaranteed to discover their perfect destination. Six out of every ten people on earth live on this large and beautiful continent. In Asia, there is a lot to learn and experience in terms of culture. As you begin your tour to Asia, you will have many options to choose from.

Continue reading “Top 5 Best Places to Go Vacationing in Asia”

5 Places to Experience the Best Adrenaline Rush


Do you find excitement trying something new and unique? It is always great to experience a new location in a unique way. Everyone likes some form of excitement on holiday. Other travelers go to the extent of testing their limits with exhilarating stunts, rides, and thrills.

We here bring you a fantastic list of top 5 spots to get an adrenaline rush and revitalize your life. These spots present you with extra excitement, everlasting fun memories as you are guaranteed to come back for more. Continue reading “5 Places to Experience the Best Adrenaline Rush”

Top 4 Campgrounds for Families to Visit This Year

camp groundsCamping doesn’t have to be planned for the summer. What’s a better way to experience some of the country’s best iconic destination than a camp in the midst? It’ time to bring your family closer to the campgrounds across the country. In all these family-friendly campgrounds, you will find natural beauty and modern amenities to have you and your family entertained. There are lots of children activities, hiking trails and plenty of convenient facilities to help make the camping easy and full of fun. Continue reading “Top 4 Campgrounds for Families to Visit This Year”

Top 5 World’s Tallest Bungee Jumps to Visit This Year

Bungee jumping is one of the most decorated adventure sports around the Bungee jumpworld. Today, you can bungee jump from almost anywhere, be it in Macau, Chile, Zambia, Costa Rica, Colorado – basically all over the world. Since its recent birth in New Zealand towards the late 1980s, this sport has risen in popularity and pushed the boundaries.

When it comes to the real adrenaline rush, spinning, rolling, diving and hammer heading at 400 feet off the ground, Bungee Jumping is the experience to beat. Continue reading “Top 5 World’s Tallest Bungee Jumps to Visit This Year”