Top 5 World’s Tallest Bungee Jumps to Visit This Year

Bungee jumping is one of the most decorated adventure sports around the Bungee jumpworld. Today, you can bungee jump from almost anywhere, be it in Macau, Chile, Zambia, Costa Rica, Colorado – basically all over the world. Since its recent birth in New Zealand towards the late 1980s, this sport has risen in popularity and pushed the boundaries.

When it comes to the real adrenaline rush, spinning, rolling, diving and hammer heading at 400 feet off the ground, Bungee Jumping is the experience to beat.

Here is a list of 5 decorated Bungee Jumps in the world.

1. Bloukrans Bridge – South Africa

Bloukrans Bridge is the ultimate jumping point for all daredevils and adrenaline junkies looking for the ultimate adventure. In all people who decide to jump from this bridge, only 80 percent of them partake the act. It is terrifying, frightening a no-zone for the faint hearted. Free falls last for eight seconds, and after surviving, it is the best feeling in the world. The Bloukrans Bridge is without a doubt, the highest commercial natural bungee jump point in the world.

2. Taupo Bungee, Lake Taupo – New Zealand

Taupo Bungee is crowned as the highest water touch bungee in New Zealand. The staff and guides at this bungee use your weight to determine how to get you very deep in freezing temperatures. Once you reach your deepest point underwater, you are suddenly ripped back into the sky to leave a disorientation pulsing through your whole body – what an adrenaline rush! Fantastic scenery surrounds this bungee with cliffs overlooking Waikato River, leading to Lake Taupo.

3. Victoria Falls Bridge – Zambia

Victoria Falls BridgeAlthough a woman’s safety cord snapped mid-jump, Zambia’s tourism minister took a jump on this great fall as a show of trust and safety. Since then, tourists have flocked to this place and jumped the Victoria Falls. The place is described as the most spectacular freefall in the world. Apart from bungee jumping, Victoria Falls offers walking tour as well as stunning zip line activities.

4. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge – USA

The construction of Royal Gorge Bridge took place in 1929 in Canon City -Colorado. The bridge is 1260 feet long and suspended from towers over 150 feet high, making it the tallest bridge in the United States. For daredevils and adrenaline junkies, Royal Gorge bridge is the highest point to take the dive from. The bridge is so attractive and has a series of extreme sports taking place each year. There are bungee jumping, base jumping, and other competitive fun games.

5. Verzasca Dam – Switzerland

One of the best stunts in the history of the film took place in this dam, and James Bond did it. Verzasca dam comprises of 380m long and 220m high dam wall called the Contra. Daredevils serious about extreme sports make this dam a priority. The dam is well known as the jumping site where you can fall from the bridge by the moonlight and take your breathtaking experience to a whole new level.  Would you want to bring out the James Bond attitude? Verzasca dam should be your next destination.