Top 4 Campgrounds for Families to Visit This Year

camp groundsCamping doesn’t have to be planned for the summer. What’s a better way to experience some of the country’s best iconic destination than a camp in the midst? It’ time to bring your family closer to the campgrounds across the country. In all these family-friendly campgrounds, you will find natural beauty and modern amenities to have you and your family entertained. There are lots of children activities, hiking trails and plenty of convenient facilities to help make the camping easy and full of fun.

Let us explore some of the best campsites the country has to offer.

1. Hershey Park Camping Resort

The Hershey Park Camping Resort is a 55-acre campground located in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. The resort offers camping sites for both tents and RVs as well as deluxe log cabins. You can enjoy everything the camp offers from the comfort of your bed.  Hershey park features rides, a zoo, and world famous chocolate world. There is a water park too. The park welcomes pet so that you can bring your favorites.

2. Big Sur Campground & Cabins – California

big surThe Big Sur Campground is among the most iconic road trips in the world stretching Highway 1 between San Luis Obispo point and the Monterey Bay. Stunning cliff faces are dropping into the surging area. Setting up outdoor camps is the best ways to experience what Big Sur has to offer. There are a couple of state parks with campgrounds in the Big Sur area to offer visitors more options.

3. Cherrystone Camping Family Resort

The Cherrystone camping resort is a beautiful beachside campground covering 300 acres of Chesapeake Bay waterfront. Cherrystone accommodates both RVs and tents. Visitors can as well stay in cottages, cabins or rental trailers. Kids get the opportunity to enjoy swimming, playing at the arcade, crafting and throwing horseshoes. Parents can enjoy shopping at the local farm stand, going on sunset cruises or canoeing.

4. Island Resort Co-op RV Park

Island Resort is a family owned campground located few miles from the ocean city, Maryland. The camp gives visitors opportunity to enjoy relaxing vacation in a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The resort offers camping, RV and cabin accommodations. It forms an ideal spot to teach your kids about outdoors activities, as they take advantage of canoes, kayak rentals, and fishing. Family tent camping is located along the park with sites featuring fire rings. There are plenty of children’s playground with fun and outdoor kitchen