5 Places to Experience the Best Adrenaline Rush


Do you find excitement trying something new and unique? It is always great to experience a new location in a unique way. Everyone likes some form of excitement on holiday. Other travelers go to the extent of testing their limits with exhilarating stunts, rides, and thrills.

We here bring you a fantastic list of top 5 spots to get an adrenaline rush and revitalize your life. These spots present you with extra excitement, everlasting fun memories as you are guaranteed to come back for more.

Here are our top picks.


  1. Cage of Death – Australia

Crocosaurus cage of death is a contraption that allows you to swim with menacing reptiles. Since its opening in July 2008, the cage of death has set a new standard when it comes to viewing world’s most iconic reptiles in a spectacular way. Its inner-city location houses about 200 crocodiles including some of the largest saltwater crocodiles on the planet. The cage has proven to be extremely popular with both locals and tourists alike.


  1. Everest Skydive – Nepal

It’s time to skydive in the Sagarmatha National Park – home to Mount Everest. Everest skydive will bring you to new heights in the Himalaya. Everest Skydive in Nepal is ranked as one of the most elite adventure holidays in the world. It remains a dream event to many of the adventure seekers who want to fulfill their limitless passion with amazing zeal and thrill. What more stunning than dropping off from an AS350 B3 helicopter from a height of around 23000 ft. Everest Skydive is considered as the world’s most elite skydiving adventures.


  1. Zero gravity- USA

Nowadays, it’s not necessary to fly to the space to experience weightlessness. In the United States, there are zero gravity flights to enable passengers to feel weightless for up to 25 seconds. The new zero-gravity adventure takes place across the state from the Kennedy Space Center through Aurora Aerospace Training Center. Apart from the plane, there are a couple of other places in America where you can defy the gravity. These include the zero-gravity research facility, Spook Hill, Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure, Om Factory Yoga Centre among others.


  1. Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower – China

BungeeWhen the word Macau Tower is mentioned, Bungy, Skywalk, Sky jump and Tower climb memories are evoked. Home to the world’s highest bungy – 233m, Macau Tower gives you the rare opportunity to walk on the wide side with skywalk and drop off the edge with sky jump. Else, you can take on the World’s highest urban tower climb – 338 m and experience the breathtaking fall. Macau Tower is not your average tower. At this tower, you are dropping a few feet from a steel tower with cars driving beneath you – an experience good enough to terrify the most senior daredevils.


  1. White Water Rafting in Africa

If you are wondering where next to experience the ultimate thrill, pack your bags and head to Africa for white water rafting. There are different spots to enjoy the experience with popular spots being along the Zambezi, just downriver from Victoria Falls. You can also benefit from the rapids along Nile River near Jinja  РUganda.