Top 5 Best Places to Go Vacationing in Asia

Siam ParagonAsia is a spectacular continent that offers something for everyone. From the famed shopping districts of Beijing to magnificent beaches in Thailand or the temples of Hanoi, visitors are practically guaranteed to discover their perfect destination. Six out of every ten people on earth live on this large and beautiful continent. In Asia, there is a lot to learn and experience in terms of culture. As you begin your tour to Asia, you will have many options to choose from.

No matter your choice, here are our recommendations on where to visit on your tour to Asia.

1. Goa – India

Goa is always a beautiful place to visit. It comprises of blissful shores and may amazing scenery. It is bordered by the Indian Sea and has become one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Asia. Visitors appreciate the old-warm charm of this once colonial outpost of the Portuguese. There is an obvious charm of its beautiful beaches with roaring waterfalls and flowing rivers. With no taxes on alcohol and absence of laws restricting drinking, Goa is the drinker’s paradise. Most of the beers go for less than $2 although there are other joints much expensive.

2. Beijing – China

Beijing offers a vibrant mixture of history and modernity. It is China’s capital and home to some of the finest remnants of the country’s imperial past. It has a wealth of history that includes Ming Tombs, Mausoleum of 13 emperors, the Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, the Hall of Preserving Harmony and much more. The city has numerous shopping districts with mind-boggling goods.

3. Hanoi – Vietnam

HanoiThe charming Vietnamese capital is a bit different from the other Asian capital. It has a collage of cultural influences from French and Chinese, yet it still maintains its local Vietnamese styles.  The city has well-preserved locations with a maze of streets as old as 1000 years. Hanoi is the only city in Southern Asia with an embalmed leader on display. There are amazing places for visitors to tour including beautiful parks, preserved mausoleum, lakes, shady boulevards and other exciting locations.

4. Luang Prabang – Laos

Luang Prabang is the main tourist city in the country of Laos. It is a very clean and attractive city that many have not had the opportunity to hear about. It is a city filled with excellent restaurants and beautiful guesthouse. There is a temple on a hill that complements the scenic views of the area. Visitors flock the city mainly on a 2-day slow boat ride from the Thai border on the Mekong River.

5. Bangkok – Thailand

Bangkok is composed of vibrant neighborhoods and a sure city to surprise visitors with its flavors. The World comes to life through Thai cuisine and nonstop nightlife. There is no shortage of shopping opportunities in this city. Travelers see the city as one between past and present. There are ancient temples and modern shopping malls in the capital for visitors to enjoy. Bangkok is also known for cheap and abundant street food for all.